Rough Edit Feedback

The feedback which I received from my tutor mainly consisted with shots either reorganising the structure of them or including ones that I have left out of my edit. I have acted on all of the feedback that I have received and feel that from doing this my documentary does look a lot better and to a more professional standard. My feedback includes:

  • Change layout of introduction sequence to help establish to the audience that we are in a smallholding also include more shots of animals and reuse some working shots that you have used later on in the documentary.
  • Change the front of the house shot or one of the rear side of the property when interviewee first begins talking.
  • Include the front shot of the house when participant talks about inflation and buying properties.
  • Get rid of all panning shots at the pensioners club as they do not fit with the rest of the structure of the documentary.
  • Interviews feel slightly repetitive in places so try to cut out areas so that the point is only made once with the best response you have received.
  • Some transition between shots and locations are too fast and need to be slowed down to allow the audience enough time to process what is happening.
  • When using your archive footage have the participants appear on screen before directly moving to the footage as it will make more sense for a viewing audience.
  • Make sure that the documentary has appositive ending rather than participants giving a slightly depressing speech, use shots of participants laughing to make the piece more informal.
  • Audio levels are inconsistent with the two locations and must be addressed.

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